New Grad Life

Production Engineer on FB Traffic Infra

I'm a hybrid systems/ software engineer that works on Facebook's edge platform. I think about security, reliability, and scalability all day. And I build/ship an ephemeral OS that I deploy to the fleet that serves user traffic for billions of FB users. I've been involved in some high profile CVEs and outages.

Cat Volunteer at SF SPCA

Before COVID-19 hit, I lived in San Francisco, CA and volunteered for the SF SPCA. I trained to be a Cat Volunteer and spent time every week socializing and caring for the cats at the shelter. I would have loved to foster, but I flew cross-country every 2 weeks so it wouldn't have been great for the cats.

Dungeon Master: Curse of Strahd

I'm running a heavily customized COS campaign for 4 friends over FoundryVTT and Discord. It's my first time DMing! I'm learning a lot about storytelling, voice acting, fantasy worldbuilding, immersion, maps/music/dialogue, etc.

Max Main on Old School Runescape

6000 hours later, I maxed out my account on OSRS. The Inferno took me 31 attempts over 3 weeks and was the hardest thing I've ever done. The infinitely talented Tanya made me this amazing embroidery to celebrate my Infernal Max!

Master Chef

During COVID WFH I learned to cook with my little brother. I like fusing standard American dishes like burgers, pastas, snacks, etc. with South Asian flavors and spices. People seem to really like my spinach puffs. I also host brunches at my house!

Student Life

Dream Project: Biking to Florida

I road biked from New Jersey to Florida in Summer 2018 to raise money for charity. I stayed in congressional mansions, hurricane shelters, river banks, and nice peoples' houses. I also did service work in the major cities I passed through.

Human Trafficking Response Unit

I worked with the HTRU of NYC to build applications that helped automate the work of investigators and analysts working to counter human trafficking. It's amazing how impactful engineers can be on the right projects.

hackNY Fellowship Mentor

I was a hackNY Mentor in NYC in Summer 2017+2018, where I coordinated events for 30 technical students from around the country. I also interned at Oscar, ate a lot of awesome food at Michelin-starred restaurants and met the coolest people ever.

Rutgers Tech Community

I was the President of the CS student organization for 2 years. My team and I coordinated weekly tech events, mentorship programs, K-12 outreach, alumni engagement, massive hackathons, and diverse/inclusive community spaces.

Playing Guitar with friends

I bought this Alhambra classical guitar in Spain and every Saturday I trekked to NYC to play with the talented Nancy Huang and the brilliant Kathy Chen.

Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

My big brother and I road tripped through the Australian Gold Coast. We flew up to Cairns, scuba dived for three days and nights and got our Adventure Diver certifications.